Another fantastic day on the TVCA funded Enterprise AR project. Today we were at the brilliant East Cleveland school, Whitecliffe. It was brilliant to explore children’s perceptions of their futures and explore opportunities in the area that they could take advantage of with their interests and passions. There were a huge range of interests and it was clear that the local area had something to offer for all of them. As usual the day ended with a really creative context for developing their enterprise skills that we had discussed during the day. We were able to use the brilliant Reality Composer that is ‘free’ on all iPads to develop VR and AR objects that fit with their ideas. It is so simple to use and so much in line with what many of the children felt that they wanted to do when they are older, using digital and creative tools that they don’t necessarily get to use every day. You can see from the pictures below how engaged they were in their learning, using digital tools to support learning rather than as an end in itself.

Click on the link below to see their amazing work (you must use an Apple device such as iPad or iPhone, download and open in Notes if it doesn’t just download and open!):