The title was a comment by one of the Y5 boys at Pennyman Academy today on another TVCA funded Enterprise Day when i showed a piece of their work as AR. The children had just been asked to develop a concept in a VR app (Reality Composer) and had worked hard on understanding the software, then applying it to a specific task. This built on the work we had done during the day to develop an understanding of Enterprise skills and the opportunities and decisions that they will encounter as they grow up. As usual, the creativity, commitment and resilience (it is FIDDLY!) that they showed was a credit to the ethos and effort that the teachers create in this year group. Skills they will need to succeed in life.

Pics of them working below and then the work that they produced is downloadable at the bottom:

And to se their work files click on the link below (on an iPad or iPhone). Each will need downloading and if they don’t open automatically, drop into Notes and view them from there: