I always hope that I have inspired, or at least made someone think differently, about their future when I work in schools. But for a 10 year old to put their hand up because they specifically wanted to say that to me, it is always a lovely moment. What a fantastic day I had in Errington Primary with one of their Year 5 classes. It was again an Enterprise Day funded by TVCA and as usual the focus was on the children, not a rigid path for the day to follow. The children were sooooo enthusiastic and really engaged in the ideas that I was getting them to think about, really brilliant. The school have already started to introduce work around their futures into their PSCHE curriculum and this I think complemented it really well. I have included pictures of them working on the VR activity that rounds off these particular days and if you want to see their actual work, click on the link at the bottom of the post.

The future is in good hands once this lot grow up and take over!

And here is the final work that they produced after about 50mins with one demo to show them how to use it….outstanding (click on link, click on work, ‘Open in Notes’ is usually best!):