POW Challenge Day 2023

Welcome to today’s challenge page!

Today is all about creativity, problem solving and teamwork. You also need to plan effectively to make sure you can achieve something within the time you have. 

So first of all, watch the intro video then organise your teams and get to work.

Please send in photos and videos showing your work and how you are getting along throughout the day. We’ll post them on our blog so we can show off your skills to the world.

Now get on with it!

The charities to choose from…

The CEO Sleepout

The CEO Sleepout aims to tackle homelessness. It asks CEOs (the big bosses!) of companies to sleep out overnight and be sponsored to both raise money and awareness of the issue.
Click on the image to visit the website

Tech Equal

Using digital tools effectively can make a huge difference to a young person’s future. The ability to create, manipulate and arrange information is a key skill that crosses many different careers. Tech Equal aims to give all young people that access.
Click on the image to visit the website

Teesside Hospice

Teesside Hospice is a hospital where people with incurable or life limiting illnesses are looked after.
Click on the image to visit the website

The Teesside Charity

The Teesside Charity works with lots of different charities. They use donations and connections to try and link together projects that will benefit from working together to have the biggest impact on people who need help.
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Power of Women

The Power of Women charity aims to educate young people about equality and diversity in all its forms, not just gender.

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Resources that may help