Tales of the Tees – Cauldron Snout


Cauldron Snout

Cauldron Snout is probably the longest waterfall in England. It drops the young River Tees 61m through lots of rocks and rapids over a length of around 180m. Some describe it as more of a cascade than a waterfall. 

You can easily visit the waterfall by parking at the reservoir and walking 20mins towards and past the dam. Most of the time you can easily climb down the rocks alongside it but when lots of water is being released by the dam, the torrent is ferocious and care is advised about getting too close. The Pennine Way follows some of the path and despite it being an isolated location, there are walkers passing through quite frequently.

Other resources

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1960’s map showing the number of streams flowing into the river around Cauldron Snout and High Force

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Cauldron Snout in Winter!

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