Tales of the Tees – Introduction


The River Tees

This resource is designed to offer teachers resources about multiple aspects of the River Tees. Huge thanks to PD Ports for supporting this resource and opening their archives and facilities to allow filming.

From understanding the River’s geography, to an awareness of its place in the industrial landscape of the future, we have tried to cover multiple topics. As a result the resource is bigger than any one ‘topic’ and can be used to dip into the resources that are needed as part of long term planning.

There are guidance documents on this page to suggest different ways in which teachers may want to use the resource whether it be a standard ‘led’ series of lessons or an independent study by the pupils.



There has been no attempt to target resources at different age groups; links and opportunities will naturally fall into different focus areas for different teachers.

These pages will constantly be added to as new resources are discovered or developed.



Overall Classroom Resources

Keynote for children to identify parts of the river and answer questions about each. (PPT version here)
Pages example of layering to make a flyer about the river. Download the example to borrow the assets from it!
Teacher guide

Other resources

Speeded up journey from Barrage to Teesmouth in 360 with labels for some features

Speeded up river journey from Yarm to the Gare

15min river journey from Yarm to Gare with bridges and some features labelled (additional Bridge resource HERE)

Playlist of drone footage from most stages of the river

Lovely website with key features of the river and how it formed

Free website to see what all the vessels are in and around the river in real time (app version is good too)

All the facts and figures about the river

Old video showing the formation of the river. Also has an in depth section on the steel works which may be of use to explain to children what it was like

Compare maps of the area from different times (right back to Middle Ages!)

Fascinating document with lots of information about the history of the River

Huge range of activities and content about trade and the people who work on the River Tees linked to PD Ports

Design a new river crossing?