Tales of the Tees – TeesAMP



TeesAMP is essentially a business and industrial park. You will find places like this all over the world; an area with purpose built buildings that a company can rent to set up or expand their own business in. 

TeesAMP is short for Tees Advanced Manufacturing Park and from the moment it was advertised, there has been a focus on new and innovative industries moving in. That doesn’t mean that they are all focussed on building spacecraft! No, there is a real mix of larger companies and smaller doing different things. Durata for example make power systems that don’t fail when there is a power cut. Press On Vinyl make vinyl records, totally different. What unites the companies is the access to a modern industrial unit with good links access to road, rail, sea and even air within a 20min drive. When you are trying be innovative, easy access to components or people from around the world is essential. You also then have the possibility of exporting your product more easily. 


TeesAMP is a good example of how much the local economy is growing. Within a few months of it opening, all the units had been leased to companies and there is currently new construction happening to create new units. 

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