Welcome to our Whale Literacy page. Here you will find links to resources for all ages and also a challenge for your children to respond to.

A Challenge

What causes the beachings and strandings?

This is a whale that stranded on Redcar beach. What do we actually know about whales, their lives and why they sometimes come ashore. Beaching often results in their deaths.

A simple set of facts:

The image below links to lots of whale facts. Ideal for a quick read through of some key ideas about whales.

Want to research more deeply?

This Google Voyage (click image) allows children or the class as a group to find out more about whales with weblinks, videos and much besides. Click on the ‘present’ button to follow it through. If using an iPad, please download the Google Earth app.

Intro Videos

If you just want to see the intro videos to each section, please open the playlist:

And the fact sheets for KS1 are here:


Fact sheets for KS2 are here:


Need some stock footage for a green screen documentary? Download this footage we took on Sunday. Can be used in any green screen app (Green Screen, iMovie etc):


Lovely animation about whales and pollution:


And a KS1 aimed story about friendship:

Short but powerful animation about whales in captivity: