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Spark Tees Valley


Want to enjoy the journey as well as the destination?


Our train heritage has been the theme for this week but very much with an eye on the new. Improving transport
links around the Tees Valley is a big focus of effort by TVCA.

Encouraging public transport for environmental or
merely logistical reasons is very much the intention but there needs to be a decent offer to make people leave their cars behind. Today’s task is again design led but focusses on the quality of the trains themselves.

Any of the tasks on Spark can be done with a crayon and a bit of scrap paper but the guidance provided is aimed at promoting the thought processes behind design thinking at every step of the way. Who is the product aimed at and how can it best serve their needs?

That sentence can apply to any situation where there is a client or customer buying into a service; it could be a passenger on a train or an Oil company commissioning a new oil rig


Innovative or more of the old?

Why stop the train for passengers and waste energy?

Cool travel on a train in Norway

Future ideas from aeroplane travel

Use iMovie to create a documentary better than this!

You know about the hydrogen vehicle plan for the Tees Valley don’t you?

We have already changed the future for


young people across the UK