Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Equality and Aspiration Sessions at Ayresome and Westview Primary Schools from the Ad Astra Trust.

At Ayresome and Westview Primary schools, we recently conducted impactful Equality and Aspiration sessions that left us in awe of the incredible Year 5 pupils. Our focus was centered on: the Power of Women Campaign (PoW) and the Primary School Ambassador Program. The primary objective of these sessions was crystal clear—to elevate aspirations, advocate for equal opportunities, and challenge prevailing gender stereotypes.

Guided by Spark Tees Valley, these sessions were designed to be inclusive, welcoming every pupil into the conversation about equality, with a specific emphasis on gender equality. We delved into discussions about aspirations for the future, engaging the students in conversations about various career paths and how the choices made now can significantly shape their journey beyond Primary School.

The highlight of our recent endeavors was the privilege of selecting four ambassadors from each school. Our selection process was meticulously crafted to offer students a genuine understanding of what real interview scenarios entail. Witnessing the Year 5 pupil confidently stepping into the interview room was nothing short of inspiring. Their exceptional application forms and composed demeanor during the interviews posed a delightful challenge during the selection process.

These sessions stand as a testament to the exceptional opportunities provided by Ayresome and Westview Primary Schools. They not only underscored the importance of equality but also offered invaluable interview experiences as part of the Primary Ambassador Program.

Below, meet the four exceptional ambassadors selected from Ayresome and Westview Primary:

These sessions reinforce the significance of equality and offer crucial experiences that will undoubtedly shape the promising future of these budding leaders.