You could hear a pin drop in the classroom today as Year 4 from St Benedict’s beavered away at the task set, completely engrossed in their learning! It was a huge pleasure to work with such a confident group of children on our Enterprise AR days funded by TVCA. (It’s shame that this is the penultimate one). The children were really enthusiastic and engaged with the content we were discussing and it was clear from the beginning that they had strong ideas of what the future may hold for them.

Each Enterprise Day takes you on a different journey with the young, inspiring, minds you have the privilege of talking to in each school you visit and today was no exception! We had superb discussions on life after Primary School and the children were extremely knowledgeable about further education opportunities in their local area. Building on this discussion, we talked about opportunities in the Tees Valley and interwoven into this the enterprise skills needed to open doors to their futures.

As usual, the day ended with a really creative context for developing their enterprise skills that we had discussed during the day. We were able to use the incredible Reality Composer that is ‘free’ on all iPads to develop VR and AR objects that fit with their ideas.

Below are a few images from the day of children using Reality Composer to design a product for a specific audience and as always children’s files at the bottom of this post for you to click on and download.