What a fantastic day working with one half of Y5 at Norton Primary School! I had ‘sort of’ met them back in November when they were one of the classes visited by our Bring It On roving reporters, so it was lovely to finally get the opportunity to work with them properly. No two Enterprise Days are ever the same. How could they be with different children each time? Yes we have a structure to work to that I agreed with TVCA who fund these sessions but the focus is always on the children and developing their ideas, not a pre planned list – life isn’t like that! As usual we used Keynote and Reality Composer on the iPads because the suite of software that Apple provides for free makes it the best digital tool that any school could need to inspire and develop real digital skills in a primary classroom. The children came up with lots of interesting ideas and then applied them brilliantly when they become the creatives. Some pictures below of their amazing work and then even more amazing, you can actually see their VR/AR creations from the link at the bottom.

And the link to their work below opens the folder of files that can be downloaded to your own iOS device and best opened in Notes: