How awesome are the adverts this year on TV and the internet?

I have been really taken by the direction that many companies have taken to, yes sell their brand, but through messages of hope and kindness. Alright, I daresay some of them are decided by Mr Burns types from the Simpsons, eating a Dodo Egg from a Rhino Horn egg cup as the marketeers explain how their narrative is going to increase his profits by a gazillion pounds…


If you can get past the corporate baggage there are some genuine gems out there this year, ones that really make you think about family, loved ones with us and left behind, what kindness really is and why each of us are important. They are brilliant lesson starters or simply discussion prompts that I know will engage young minds in what is important to them.

I must put a mascara warning on most of them though. They have been designed and created by some really talented film makers who really know how to hit audiences where it emotionally hurts. That is why most are so powerful.

I’ve arranged four of them as a sort of advent calendar style below so you can pick one a day in the last week to spend ten minutes or so discussing what the message of the film is. Maybe even get the class to create something as a response, it is up to you.

So lock away your corporate cynicism and enjoy the creativity of some modern classics.

Do let me know if you find them useful.

Making Memories
Remembering what is important
Making the best of the situation
Make the world a better place