What an incredible Power of Women (PoW) session at Rehall Primary School in Darlington. Collaborating closely with Year 5 pupils, the school engaged in the Primary School Ambassador Initiative, aiming to elevate aspirations, promote equal opportunities, and challenge gender biases. This inclusive program welcomed all pupils, offering interactive sessions by Spark Tees Valley to delve deeply into principles of equality within their classrooms. We also looked closely at future career opportunities and the skills you need to achieve your goals.

The incredible Year 5 children passionately discussed their future aspirations, utilising the Spark interactive business map of the Tees Valley to explore local career opportunities https://www.sparkteesvalley.com/interactive-business-map/ . Using the Keynote app, they contemplated career choices, identified strengths, and shared their thoughts with peers. This exploration unearthed essential enterprise skills and attitudes pivotal for future opportunities. The session focused on life choices, emphasising the skills needed to keep options open and enhance job opportunities.

Four outstanding ambassadors were chosen to represent the school, with Chloe from Jacksons Law Firm joining us on the interview panel. The Year 5 students showcased remarkable confidence and excellence, making strong impressions during their interviews.

The experience at Rehall Primary encompassed two impactful sessions that delved into classroom equality, future aspirations, and interviews for the PoW Primary Ambassador Program. It was a nurturing environment for these young leaders of the future. The ambassadors can’t wait to attend the next event with over 100 other ambassadors who are involved in the Primary Ambassador Initiative!