In Thorntree, New Skillsworth, and Eldon Grove Primary schools, we conducted remarkable Equality and Aspiration sessions with their unbelievable Year 5 pupils, focusing on the Power of Women Campaign (PoW) and the Primary School Ambassador Program. The primary goal of the Ambassador Program is to elevate aspirations, promote equal opportunities, and challenge gender stereotypes. These sessions, led by Spark Tees Valley, encompass an inclusive approach for all pupils, enabling them to explore the notion of equality, particularly gender equality. We also look at aspirations for the future and discuss future choices for different career paths understanding how some choices can shape our journey after Primary School.

Recently, we had the privilege of selecting four ambassadors from each of these schools from within the Extol Trust. Our selection process involved a panel including Jane Armitage, Katie and Zoe from Baltic Apprenticeships, Emily from PX, and Lisa Tipton from New World Financial Group, offering pupils a firsthand understanding of authentic interview scenarios. Witnessing the enthusiasm of the Year 5 students as they confidently entered the interview room was truly inspiring. The exceptional quality of their application forms and their poised performance during the interviews made the selection process extremely challenging. These sessions were exceptional opportunities for these outstanding schools, emphasising equality and providing valuable interview experiences as part of the Primary Ambassador Program, nurturing the potential of our future leaders.

Look below for the four ambassadors selected from Thorntree, New Silksworth and Eldon Grove!