What an exhilarating day back at Breckon Hill Primary School in Middlesbrough! These energetic Year 2 classes transformed into budding builders, donning hi-vis jackets and hard hats as they dove into the thrilling world of construction. Supplied with spanners, nuts, and bolts, these young engineers embarked on an adventure to create their own free-standing structures that could withstand an earthquake test!

From simple towers to intricate designs, their imaginations knew no bounds. The day was filled with valuable lessons in communication, collaboration, and problem-solving as they tightened bolts and connected pieces to bring their visions to life. These hands-on activities not only resulted in impressive physical structures but also laid the groundwork for potential future careers in engineering and construction.

We seized the opportunity to delve into various construction careers, challenging gender stereotypes and inspiring all students to envision a future in the industry.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, these Year 2 builders even found time to code robots! They navigated a mini-construction site, changing lights and making sounds to alert us to potential hazards.

What an incredible day spent with these creative and enthusiastic pupils! Their passion and confidence promise a bright future in whatever career path they choose!