When you work with children you always hope to have inspired, or at least made someone think in a different way. But when an eleven year old approaches you and says that to me, you know that the content in the Enterprise Day funded by TVCA stretches young minds to think about their future! 

What a fantastic day I had in St Margaret Clitherow’s Primary with one of their Year 6 classes. The children were really enthusiastic and engaged with the ideas we were discussing and when we went into greater depth about all of the opportunities that are available on their doorstep the children couldn’t believe how lucky they are to live in the Tees Valley! 

As usual, the day ended with a really creative context for developing their enterprise skills that we had discussed during the day. We were able to use the incredible Reality Composer that is ‘free’ on all iPads to develop VR and AR objects that fit with their ideas. 

You can see from the pictures below how engaged they were in their learning, using digital tools to create their own product for their target audience. 

Click on the link below to see their amazing work (you must use an Apple device such as iPad or iPhone, download and open in Notes if it doesn’t just download and open!):