“This is fascinating!” Charlie, one of Lakes Year 5 pupils, told us during today’s Energy Academy workshop funded by Redcar and Cleveland college.

The children had so many highlights from this morning which included:

Becoming a wind farm engineer and building a working model of a wind farm, hearing about all the future jobs and careers in renewable energy in our area, and racing the hydrogen-powered cars in the ‘Hydrogen Grand Prix.’ Using the process of water electrolysis, separating hydrogen from water, and then recombining these elements, they created power to drive their hydrogen-powered cars before racing them in the Hydrogen Grand Prix! Hudson, a Year 5 pupil, spoke extremely enthusiastically saying, “Setting up the cars and learning about hydrogen power was really interesting and I loved racing because my car came first!”

Looking ahead, they even considered using hydrogen as a future fuel and how it could benefit our environment! The children worked together as teams very efficiently and we have definitely worked with some young engineers of the future today!