I had the immense pleasure of spending the second of my two TVCA funded days at Norton Primary today to work with the other half of their fantastic Year 5. From the very first minute it was clear that these children were focussed, enquiring and want to do well….attitudes that will see help them achieve a lot of success in life if they keep that up! As usual, my focus was bringing out the children’s own ideas of their strengths and weaknesses set in a context of what Enterprise skills are and why they are important. It was clear that the school and class ethos already addressed many fo those things on a regular basis and I simply gave them some labels to hang their thoughts on and examples in a workplace context.

We used Keynote to ‘plan out our lives!’ and Reality Composer to contextualise an audience focussed context which is what the children are doing in the pictures below. The joy of using iPads is that the apps provided at no cost, as part of their ecosystem, allow children to develop all of the digital literacy skills that children need to acquire in a modern world in a way that no other device does. I make no apology for my constant championing of Apple devices because they are the current best fit for effective pedagogy, just as HTCs used to be back in the day! Try doing today’s lesson on a Chromebook or PC!

As usual, you can download the children’s work at the bottom of this post by clicking on the link.

And the children’s work is here but you will need an iOS device to ‘open in’ and select Notes: